Debt Recovery

It is very frustrating when an individual or a company owes you money and they ignore your requests for payment. Empty promises of payment can lead to a breakdown in communication.  Come and speak to us about your situation generally and we can advise you on the best course of action. We will ask you questions such as how the debt arose and whether the debt is disputed.

We offer an initial consultation at £75 + VAT. There are no hidden costs to get the advice that you need to move forward. You don’t have to instruct us any further if you don’t need to. At least you would have peace of mind and know which direction to take. Appointments can be in person or over the telephone, whichever is more convenient for you. Due to demand, they do however need to be booked in advance.

We can send a letter before action for you that demands the debt be settled in seven days or we will take matters further. This service costs £75 + VAT and we will need copies of any invoices or bills.

A Statutory Demand can be sent if the debt is not disputed. This formal demand must be settled within a prescribed period of time or the Debtor faces the threat of a bankruptcy or winding up petition being presented against them. The drafting and service of a Statutory Demand costs £250 + VAT.

We can also assist with enforcement action after a judgment is obtained.


Personal Debt Recovery

We do assist individuals in recovering debts so please speak to us if you have loaned someone some money and they refuse to repay you. Perhaps you have performed a personal service and the debtor has not paid you. We will request from you any evidence that you have to justify how the debt arose and the amount owed.  If there is a communication trail, please show this to us. It will help to determine if the debtor has the means to pay or whether they dispute the debt. It will make a difference to the course of action that we advise.

Contact our Debt Recovery Solicitor Mounia Le Gaufey on 01707 387890 or email

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