We provide a full Probate and Administration service following a death. This is always a particularly difficult time for the family and we appreciate that a sympathetic and personal approach is what is required. We are experienced in both complex and straightforward estates and will lead you through the process in an as sensitive and efficient way as possible.

For practical information relating to sorting out the affairs of someone who has died, visit You can also read our guide – Help and Support in the First Few Days Following a Death.


Probate Disputes

Following someone’s death there may be issues relating to the correct distribution of assets belonging to the deceased. If the deceased left a will, are the grounds for challenge? Did the deceased have mental capacity when the will was made? Perhaps someone put pressure on the deceased to favour them above the claims of others. If no will was left has the estate been distributed in accordance with the Intestacy Rules (which have Statutory Authority)?

Disputes such as this can be expensive, but should be embarked upon urgently following a death, otherwise evidence may be lost, and opportunities to prevent a Grant of Representation being issued until matters are resolved, also missed.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding of the Law of Succession which governs this area. We at Ewart Price have several people who can give you expert advice and who would be more than happy to give you a preliminary view on the merits of a particular case.


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